Tuesday, April 07, 2009
while..i mean wow..its beena while hasnt it.
hello slipperyslippers.
wasnt sucha good day today.
I screwed up my meeting with client. Big time. oh well. things do happen.
life still has to go on doesnt it?
yeah =p

Sunday, January 18, 2009
well well well.
Its another Sunday.
back from a weekend of bday celebrations for dear.
tmw is part 3..heh.
we hada nice dinn at some jap restaurant in clark quay..burp.
and a long long walk back to the car park at china square. yeow.
in any case. its monday tomorrow. yeah in a weeks time i will be mahjonging at the high tables aka stressful sesison with the professionals again. hoping to minimise loss. haha.
it aint exciting at all. theres no mood for lunar new year this year. perhaps its a tad to close to xmas.
I ahve a tough week ahead and a tougher ox year ahead at work. i can foresee it and its not going to be easy. i;ll have to try. till then.

Sunday, January 11, 2009
so the soursop was gone. again.
we have a prime suspect. but then we have no evidence.sigh.
mum and dad was both pissed and sad cos till now we haven got a chance to taste our own grown soursop.

i have a new clock that goes tick tock.

Sunday, January 04, 2009
i know its tough.
its a brand new year ahead. what will the next 365 days be like? nobody knows.
so yeah its 2009 and of course I have to start the year afresh and all.
well i know its not easy. i usually hate sunday nites..cos the next day is a start of a bloody new week. whats more the festive season is over. only cny to look forward to next. damn.
ok i shall be positive hoho. cmon man bring the new week and year on.

happy new year one and all.
what a year 2008 has been and now that the new year has kicked in, what else can i do but to wish you a happy new year.
agree? too bad if you don't , damned if you do.
was quite a day. yeah today. clouds didnt look too promising but the adventurous foursome decided to do the deed.
and its quite silly for dear and me...we took a cab to east coast to rent some bikes and to start our torturous but rewarding journey through east coast-bedok-bedok reservoir-sunplaza park-pasriris park- changi village- changi beach- east coast park.
it was gruesome but yeah it was enjoyable. lovely day my friends.
my ass hurts...someone pass me the butter.

Thursday, December 18, 2008
So yeah the week goes on and on...and lo and behold its friday tomorrow.
it's an interestin place to work. place as in raffles place. lotsa different sights and sounds. at 12pm exactly loud music will start booming or some deejay or emcee will start talking and all creatin a lively aatmosphere. And even on the 20th floor staring right at my 14 inch cRT screen...i know its almost time for lunch. it perks me up a little now that i dont have coffee in the mornings.
what a sight. an old lady starts pushing her cart across the busy roads...a few office ladies in short skirts walk pass and the old men sitting at the grass patch will turn their heads.
"hi! long time no see blah blah blah" its not hard to bump into a friend here. friends, cousin. exclassmates and all.
i stepped out of my lift today to bump into my old friend. and acjc choir carolling at my lobby. what gives.
honks are nothing new here. speeding cars horning at every damn opportunity they get. perhaps that adds to the atmosphere of this business district. Walking along robinson's road aha MPH. many people in here browsing at magazines to kill time. i like to pick Neil Humprhey's books cos he writes like i talk. its like we're speaking the same language. boo. and then life goes on its 2pm. Free afternoon edition of Today.
who cares. i dont even have time to read it.
Back to the office like other workers as we wait impatiently for the lift to "Ding" that can be a chore...especially when you don know anyone else at the lift lobby. Body language can be well seen here. people getting fidgetty, taking out foen to sms or pretending to push a few buttons...occasionally some idiot pressing the up button when its obviously presed and brightly lit in its incospicuous shade of Blue.
aha. life goes on.
we had a gift exchange thingy going on. aha.
i my secretary picked me...and i got a pretty decent lokign shirt.
she asked me M you can wear right.
To which i said yeah sure..with my tummy bulging out.
no la you so skinny.

i swear she's gonna get a big fat bonus.

oh. i am like pretty looking forward to xmas.cos my comp is closing on the 26th...which lets me have a 4 day break. how cool is that.
2nd jan. not confirmed. its like a 30% thingy..might be closed might be opened lkinda thing.

and once i start hitting ctrl+alt+del to key in my ever familiar password i know the day is going to turn real boring. facing the music is a must in this job. kena left right centre up down....no maybe not down. havent got screwed that bad yet.

bleah. hi weekends.

Sunday, December 14, 2008
so yeah pretty much the weekend has ended yet again.
why does time always seemingly pass so fast during the weekends. boo.
i hate the sunday nite feeling. yeah like right now. technically its still the weekends but somehow deep down in me...i feeling really shitty cos come tmw it will be back to the raffles place and yeah a new week starts...
oh well. it aint tt bad really but yeah it still sucks.
it was a pretty ood weekend spent though.
caught a movie the day the earth stood still...it was alriht but a lil overrated.
saturday met up with the usual friends for a nice dinner and desserts.
on a brighter note...my ceo has given us 26th off. oh yeah u bet thats the only thing tt i am looking forward to now.. apart from the next friday. oh i have a sec sch reunion next sat.

Sunday, November 09, 2008
is work really all that bad?
I guess it takes time to get used to. I am slowly adjusting my lifestyle.
Booo... kissing 530pm goodbyes....hello long hours.
had a pretty good albeit short weekend.
watched a Bond movie.
went to Kent Ridge and Hort Park for a lovely hike cum picnic and therafter a mahjong session.
Life's good....during weekends. alas. Its over. heh. c'mon it aint all that bad. cheers

Sup...yea welcome to my blog man...hope you like it.


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